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Expert, Prompt Hauling From Haskell Lemon Construction Co.

Our sister company, A&A Trucking, is a full-service trucking company capable of hauling to and from Oklahoma City, OK. We are a renowned asphalt paving company, and as a result, we produce considerable recyclable materials. But the ability to pave streets and walkways is useless without the trucks to haul old materials away. That’s where our sister company comes in. We are proud to handle logistics through our fleet of bobtails, quad axles, and tractor-trailers. Our diverse fleet of over 90 vehicles is more than ready to address your needs.


Our Comprehensive Range of Hauling Services

Our hauling capabilities are as diverse as the fleet we use to get the job done. At Haskell Lemon Construction Co., we use the resources available to help our clients meet their deadlines and appease their clients. Our hauling company can handle:

Construction Hauling

We can deliver materials to and from commercial and residential construction sites. We provide haul-away services for demolition projects. Our team is more than capable of using our fleet for numerous construction tasks.

Intrastate Common Carrier

We can operate throughout Oklahoma, delivering our famed brand of customer service and superior hauling capabilities to contractors. We use our fleet to carry up to 25 tons of materials, transport rip rap, and remove concrete throughout the state.

Sand and Gravel Hauling

Sand and gravel are versatile materials. We are proud to help transport and deliver them to construction projects throughout the state. Our prompt drivers will make sure you meet your deadlines.

Contact Us Today for Top-Notch Hauling and Trucking

Our customers have come to expect a degree of caring and attention to detail from our skilled team of haulers. We are well-known for our ability to deliver top-notch services efficiently. If you require hauling services, there is no better resource than Haskell Lemon Construction Co.‘s sister company, A&A Trucking.

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